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The Journal of Chinese Medicine is the foremost English language journal on all aspects of Chinese medicine including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary medicine and Chinese medical history and philosophy.

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eBook highlights of the month

These ebooks are our favourites this month! Please click on the links below to view more information

Reincarnation After Cancer - My Journey With Qigong And Conventional Medicine

The author tells the story of her personal journey with cancer, Qigong, and conventional medicine — from diagnosis to cure. 

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Acupuncture For Treating The Hidden Roots Of Disease

This eBook is a much-needed text to help clarify the ancient Chinese concepts about the Mind and the Emotions, to explore the role of the psyche in disease nemesis, and to help integrate acupuncture and psychology in the TCM practice.

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Chinese Medicine Revisited

This book explores the fundamental theories of Chinese Medicine as seen by an MD, trained both in Western and oriental Medicines. The principals of the Chinese Medical thought and the various dialectical systems are explained and de-mystified.

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