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The JCM is the foremost English language journal on all aspects of Chinese medicine including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary medicine and Chinese medical history and philosophy. Here in our multimedia library you will find courses, videos, webinars and recorded events to view, all free of charge. 


The Transformative Power of Slow Breathing by Peter Deadman

Part of the Peter Deadman Education Series

Nature and Health by Peter Deadman

Part of the Peter Deadman Education Series


What is Qigong by Peter Deadman

Part of the Peter Deadman Education Series


Taichi shibashi qigong whole form by Peter Deadman

Part of the Peter Deadman Education Series


Moxa in Motion by Oran Kivity

In this video, Oran Kivity presents about his book 'Moxa in Motion' and the Ontake Method, a Japanese rhythmic moxibustion technique. This was recorded live on 13.10.20.


Demonstration of Moxa and the Ontake Method by Oran Kivity

Watch Oran Kivity demonstrate how to use moxa and bamboo using the Ontake Method. 


Q&A About Moxa in Motion by Oran Kivity

Previously recorded during a live event on 13.10.20, watch Oran Kivity answer questions about his book 'Moxa in Motion' and about using moxa and bamboo in the Ontake Method. 


Hirata Zone Therapy by Oran Kivity

On Friday 5th February 2021, Oran Kivity held an online event introducing Hirata Zone Therapy, a rhythmic dermatome moxibustion method from Japan. Including a detailed presentation, some simple learning exercises and a Q&A session.


Electroacupuncture by Stephen Lee

In this video, Stephen Lee presents about his book 'The Electroacupuncture Handbook for Muscular and Skeletal Problems' and about the method of electroacupuncture. This was recorded live on 19.11.20.


Peter Eckman talks about his new JCM article

Peter introduces his ground-breaking new article - "The Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer by Constitutional Conditional Acupuncture" published in the February 2021 issue of the Journal of Chinese Medicine.

Ed Neal NèijÄ«ng Article Series 2021

Ed Neal marks twenty years of NèijÄ«ng research with two JCM articles on what has been learned thus far...

Medical Enlightenment with Charles Buck

Charles Buck talks about the use of Chinese medicine in the modern world, and how it thrives and contributes to modern healthcare. 

Superficial Acupuncture with Qing Long Bai Wei Method to Treat Pain Associated with Trigger Points: A Pilot Study

The JCM have a new video to accompany the new article in JCM issue 127.

Introduction To The Treatment Of COVID-Somnia & Difficulty Sleeping Due To The Pandemic by Rob Helmer

This webinar is based on the reflections of an advanced practitioner's clinical experience and understanding of COVID-somnia over the last year. During this introduction participantswill be introduced to the four main disease mechanisms of COVID-somnia and how they lead to multi-pattern presentations in clinical practice.

Tips To Obtain Peaceful, Restorative Sleep In The Midst Of A Pandemic by Rob Helmer

The empirical knowledge gained through more than 2000 years of TCM to promote healthy sleep can now be explained, understood and supported by the modern sleep research. In this webinar,  discover general lifestyle (including diet, exercise and relaxation) and sleep hygiene tips to help your patient's achieve sufficient sleep that is both peaceful and restorative.