Professional Issues

Paul Blacker brings his wealth of experience as an acupuncturist, first aid instructor and health educator to outline essential information in the safe practice of AOM. Using case studies and best practice guidelines, he talks about establishing professional boundaries and situations to be aware of where these may be challenged. Health beliefs (cultural bias and personal bias) are discussed and how to maintain a neutral position within the clinic. He outlines informed consent and the importance of documenting consent and any changes to treatment processes. The need to establish a feedback and complaints system is essential. And Paul shares his strategies for  self care, to avoid practitioner burn out and maintain a healthy practice.


Goals of the course:

1) Establishing professional boundaries
2) Knowing about different health beliefs - cultural bias, personal bias
3) Informed consent
4) Establishing feedback and complaints systems
5) The importance of self care and strategies you might use


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Running time: Approximately 3 hrs

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Speakers Biography

Paul Blacker For over 30 years, Paul has practiced Acupuncture, Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage), Remedial therapeutic massage, Qigong (Chinese exercise for health) and dietary therapy in Kent, UK. Paul graduated in massage in 1993 and in acupuncture in 1997, achieving his PGCE in 2002, and Masters in Education in 2012. Paul sits on the Governing Board of the BAcC and is Chair of the Professional Standards and Regulatory Committee of the BAcC. Paul is first aid instructor for the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and The footbal Asociation (FA), and he set up and runs ther New Ash Green Rugby Club Treatment Centre, a unique multi-disciplinary, multi-bed unit, treating male and female senior and junior sports players. He is one of the UK's leading teachers in TCM, sports medicine and rehabilitation.