Treating Stubborn Stagnation In The Thoracic Area

Stagnation in the ribcage area can be incredibly difficult to shift. It’s a difficult area to apply tuina and other forms of manual therapy and the results are slow and sometimes difficult to monitor. In this exceptional presentation, David Legge, world leading author and musculoskeletal acupuncture expert David Legge takes you through two examples of using electrostimulation to shift stubborn stagnation that does not respond well to manual therapy. So if you want to broaden your understanding of the Jing Jin pathways and how this applies to stubborn stagnation, this is an excellent course for you!


Goals of the course:

◉ Improve your treatment effectiveness when treating stuck Qi in the ribcage area
◉ Gain an insight into the Jing Jin meridian pathways and how these follow the trunk and middle jiao area
◉ Learn how to apply electrostimulation to shift stubborn stagnation that does not respond well to manual therapy


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Running time: Approximately 1 hr

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Speakers Biography

David Legge has practised acupuncture and osteopathy for over 40 years specialising in the treatment of painful musculoskeletal conditions. He is the author of the popular text 'Close to the Bone', 'Jing Jin Acupuncture Treatment of the Muscular System using the Meridian Sinews' and the handbook 'Acupuncture Points and Meridians' and trigger points charts. he has taught widely in Australia, US and Europe. 

David has dedicated his working life to exploring Chinese medicine and anatomy. He uses his clinical expertise and theoretical framework when treating musculoskeletal disorders. David's teaching style is easy to follow and his methods are safe and effective to implement in your acupuncture practice.